On Nachtigall Joachim brings together British musicians extraordinaire John Butcher and Paul Lytton. Recorded both with and without an audience, the album is a culmination of two sessions on March 23 and 24 of this year.

Album artwork designed and screenprinting by Marijke Loozen (Smeraldina-Rima); complete with handmade stamping by jailbeit.

‘Nachtigall’ is the first release of Joachim Badenhorst’s record label ‘KLEIN’. very excited!


Nico Roig  (guitar-voice)

Sean Carpio  (drums-guitar-voice)

Eirikur Orri Olafsson (trumpet -voice)

Frantz Loriot (viola, effects)

Brice Soniano (double bass, voice)

Pascal Niggenkemper (double bass)

Joachim Badenhorst (reeds, voice)

In Carate Urio Orchestra, Joachim brings together 6 European musicians that he collaborates with in the smaller groups Rawfishboys, Baloni, Os Meus Shorts, Red Rocket, Mogil.

Joachim wrote 8 ‘songs’ for this group of improvisers, drawing inspiration from post-rock, minimal, low-fi, singer songwriter, noise and psychedelica.

The CD comes with special handcrafted artwork: a foldout poster designed and screenprinted by the hands of Marijke Loozen at the Smeraldina-rima atelier. Inside the poster, the cd is held by a cardboard sleeve with a handmade stamp by Jailbeit.

Carate Urio Orchestra was chosen as one of the ‘newcomer groups of the year 2013’ in the annual Intruso Critics Poll.

Here you can listen and download Sparrow Mountain:


NEW!!! Carate Urio Website !!!NEW

Carate Urio Orchestra is currently working on a new cd for KLEIN and on a live cd for Cleanfeed.



The third KLEIN release is Joachim Badenhorst’s second solo album FOREST // MORI

The CD features nine original compositions for acoustic and amplified clarinet,  bassclarinet and one duo track with fellow Belgian reed-man Gerard Herman. It was recorded over the course of five months in 2013 on different locations in France.

FOREST // MORI comes in the form of a home-made zine with contributions from friends and family: Koudo Wada, Karolina Zaniesienko, Anna Backer, Wuhong, Philip Badenhorst, Walt van Beek, Akiko Ueda, Eric Ikkny, Virginie Gouband, Emilie Ramboz, Jailbeit, Sean Carpio, Nico Roig, Joachim, Gerard Herman, Yayun Teng and Anouk Peeters.



  1. 1.Fabret

  2. 2.The trembling something

  3. 3.Zon

  4. 4.Feedbacksessie

  5. 5.Wormhole

  6. 6.Forest // Mori

  7. 7.Een zondagochtend in Delft

  8. 8.My left hand

  9. 9.This track is a duo with Gerard Herman

  10. 10. Handsome Eyebrow

KLEIN 01: Nachtigall  (2013)

Nachtigall was chosen as ‘cd of the year 2013’ honorary mention in the New York City Jazz Record Magazine


  1. 1.Nikko blue

  2. 2.Maresii

  3. 3.Otaska

  4. 4.Upward down smile

  5. 5.Spik splinter

  6. 6.Lightwaves

  7. 7.Nief gerief

  8. 8.Nachtigall


  1. 1.Larvae

  2. 2.Germana

  3. 3.Sparrow mountain

  4. 4.Comacina dreaming

  5. 5.Een schoon hemd

  6. 6.Sidereal

  7. 7.Laglio

  8. 8.Genoeg gedronken



This 7” is a dual release of the labels Klein and Opgewarmde Groenten

Limited edition of 150 on black and see through vinyl.

Release date is 2104 - Free jazz from the future!

Artwork: Screenprinting and handmade stamps by Gerard Herman.

Track listing:

Kant A

Kant B

Check out some tracks of the KLEIN releases on our Soundcloud page

BADENHORST - PECK : The Salt Of Deformation

Klein 05

This fifth KLEIN release is a collaboration with TUBAPEDE records.


Joachim Badenhorst: clarinet, bassclarinet, tubes, some Flemish chanting

Dan Peck: Tuba, tubes

Recorded and Mixed at A thousand Caves, Brooklyn by Colin Marston

Mastered by Mell Dettmer

Cover art by Karolina Zaniesienko

Inside drawings by Joachim

Layout by Dan


  1. 1.1.Caladrone

  2. 2.2.Aders

  3. 3.3.A distorted mirror

  4. 4.4.Springtime

  5. 5.5.The Salt of Deformation

  6. 6.6.Broken Stop

Printed on 500 CD and 500 LP.

Cd’s are sold out. Vinyl is still available.

                                                     Carate Urio Orchestra 



                                                     Joachim Badenhorst

                                                     Sam Kulik

                                                     Frantz Loriot

                                                     Pascal Niggenkemper

                                                     Sean Carpio

                                                     Brice Soniano

                                                     Nico Roig

Rie Iwatake made the beautiful artwork of this 6th Klein release.

She cut, glued and stitched the cd pockets with her bare hands.

The cd packages are printed in three color editions: white, black, and fluorescent orange.

Recorded in Nona, Mechelen by Ted Masseurs.

Mixed and Mastered by Christophe Albertijn.



År Antiphon


Iron Bird


Crazy wind laid down

Feet history


Carate Urio Orchestra ‘Garlic & Jazz’ (KLEIN 07) is out now!

The album features three long tracks, and is released on Vinyl only.

The music can be previewed and downloaded here

Garlic& Jazz is printed in an edition of 650, hand numbered copies. This album is a co-production of KLEIN, Astropi and Het Bos.

Artwork is by genius cook-artist-friend Charlotte Koopman. The silk-screened hand stamped covers are wrapped inside a banana-box-paper.

Here are some images of the making of the album artwork-wrapping:

Price for Garlic&Jazz Vinyl is 20 Euro + shipping costs

Send an email to Klein@joachimbadenhorst.com to order the album

KLEIN Catalogue: